How US presedential elections affect INDIA ?

US presentatial elections are towards an end. But this election are really huge both parties republican and democrats has spend huge amount of 14 Billion Dollars for campaigning. Most of these amount was donated to Joe Biden.

For Starters, there are only two…

Why DREAM11 is not gambling ?

Now a days there are multiple applications available on which first you have to pick sport, make team and then you have to pay some money. You may or may not win depending on your team's and your player's performance.

In India, gambling is…

I just finished “Mirzapur” and as famous dialogue goes “जिस कालीन भैया को तुम जानते हो वह साहूकार थे ये जो कालीन भैया है वह बाहुबली है ।”

This dialogue and a lot of other instances in the series made me to write about this. There are literally multiple occasions…

Choosing a right career path is really difficult for most of us. Some of us may get it naturally. Some have natural inclination or tendency towards something and they make their way onto that path. But most of us are always in dilemma of which career option to consider.


Mr. Maulik Chauhan

Hi! My name is Maulik Chauhan. I am a life time learner with core of always helping others. I am life time learner and voracious reader.

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