How to choose right career path after Class 12 ?(For Students and Parents)

Choosing a right career path is really difficult for most of us. Some of us may get it naturally. Some have natural inclination or tendency towards something and they make their way onto that path. But most of us are always in dilemma of which career option to consider.

I want you to do just one exercise and that is recall all the memories when you followed someone to take certain decision or certain courses in your life. In teenage you are always carried away by your friend circle, mother or father’s expectations or someone’s guidance. This is ok for your age. But after passing out I want you are at a line where you don’t have to follow anyone. Just think logically.

What to think ?

  1. Course I am considering is good for me or not ?

2. Am I interested or passionate for that course ?

3. Am I buying into someone else’s opinions ?

4. Am I following my friend circle ?

5. Am I paying too much money for a degree that I can regret later ?

What steps to take ?

1. Take guidance of someone who is in the field you want to make your career into. That someone can be your senior, your teacher, your father, your cousin anyone.

2. Think from different angles that what positive things can happen and what negative things can happen.

3. Think for five years from now not tomorrow so don’t think that some lucrative job that you think can be right for you today may have same amount of opportunity after some time. Because situations are changing fast. What today worth 10 lac may tommorow it may worth 1 lac.

4. Someone may get a good package after his degree you may not so don’t follow based one money you will be making.

5. Always visit college, visit seniors before taking admission into it.

6. You can take advice from career counsellor.

Be Aware :

1. Don’t force yourself for someone’s expectations.

2. Don’t get carried away by peer pressure.

3. If your well wisher is opposing your decions think from their angle too.

4. Don’t get emotionally attached to some career path.


6. Never ever ever BUY INTO SAFE LIFE. Find your own way.


1. Support them in their decision.

2. Let them go out and have some real taste of life.

3. Don’t spoon fed everything and babysit.

4. Give real values and teach them to respect everyone.

5. Don’t force yourself onto them. He or She may regret it later and blame you for that so let them own their decisions.

6. Don’t force them for a safe life. Let them find their own way.

7. You have raised an alpha treat him/her like one.

I have written everything into precise points. I hope that you after getting answers to these questions will blow out all the clouds in your mind and your sun will shine.

Hi! My name is Maulik Chauhan. I am a life time learner with core of always helping others. I am life time learner and voracious reader.